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Union Jack 1801 - The Act of Union 1801 merged Eire with the Kingdom of Great Britain (which was formally created by the union of England and Scotland in 1707) to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland with effect from 1 January 1801. The Southern Cross is shown on the flag in white. Prior to 1965, Canada used a modified British flag, however the colonial overtones proved controversial. It was British to the core, but in addition suited Canadian nationalists a lot better than the official Union Jack (which nonetheless took up the ensign's total top-left quarter) simply because it was not the Jack and so they had no different choice.
But a white saltire on a blue flag was regarded as sufficiently emblematic of Scotland for it to be included within the Union Jack in 1606. The official title of the U.Ok. is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Eire. New Zealand has quite a lot of other official flags , together with the maritime crimson and white ensigns and flags symbolising the Queen and the Governor-General.
When Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845, the brand new state flag included the Bonnie Blue star together with one crimson and one white bar. In 1945, an order in council authorized its use on federal buildings inside Canada till a brand new national flag was adopted.
The St George's Cross was commonly utilized by England from the late 13th century and was mixed with the Scottish St Andrew's Cross to form the Union Jack in 1606. In 1980, the flag of Newfoundland was adopted as the brand new provincial flag, with the design for the new flag of Newfoundland being derived from the Union Flag.
On Friday, the Iranians seized a British-flagged Swedish-owned ship, the Stena Impero, diverting it to their own waters on the japanese side of the channel. And since France was so vastly outnumbered in Canada, it struggled to defend itself towards British assaults.
The Purple Ensign was lowered on February 15, 1965, and the primary official Canada flag was raised to the cheers of thousands gathered at Parliament Hill. That represents nearly all of its operational fleet of tankers, the lifeblood of the oil-dominated financial system, although Iran could have re-registered some ships underneath new flag states.
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The Crown Dependencies are legally not a part of the United Kingdom, and the Union Jack is just not an official flag there. The designers of the flag mixed the flags of England-for instance, the cross of St. George and Eire's cross of St. Patrick and Scotland's cross of St. Andrew had been all used within the flag.

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